New York officials are attempting to pass a law extending government powers to force the quarantine of people exposed to illnesses like COVID-19. Attorneys and state senator George Borrello are fighting back with a lawsuit, saying the change would be a breach of due process by taking rights from targeted individuals and forcing them to appeal to courts after they’ve already been forced into involuntary detention.

Dr. Drew is joined by Sen. George Borrello (NY State Senator), Bobbie Anne Cox (NY attorney), and Dr. Kelly Victory.

Olean Times Herald reported that “Borrello, the lead plaintiff in the case, had challenged Section 2.3 of the state’s Public health Law, which would have allowed state health officials to order people suspected of having a communicable disease such as COVID-19 could be placed in temporary housing — which saw claims on social media indicating the state had the authority to and may have planned to create “quarantine camps” during the pandemic.”

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