New York Attorney Bobbi Anne Cox is fighting an uphill battle against New York Governor Kathi Hochul and New York State Health Commissioner’s power grab to strip New Yorkers of “due process,” while violate their state and U.S. constitutional rights. At stake is a 1776 challenge that most New Yorkers are unaware of, due to the news “blackout” by mainstream press. New York State has declared a fiat regulation to strip New York citizens of their rights with respect to quarantine and isolation resulting from another “infectious disease” outbreak.

The fascist regulation has no “age restrictions” and would allow the government authorities, at their whim, to choose any person and separate any family members they choose. By giving full authority to their lives, New York State government is trying to set a precedent that circumvented the state legislature law creating process. Attorney Cox, working “pro bono,” has stepped into the state court fight, representing one New York senator and two New York assembly members.

New York State Lawsuit vs Governor Kahti Hochul found here.

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American Thinker wrote about the lawsuit and power grab by the New York executive branch.

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