How important is it that we, as citizens, comprehend what a constitutional government is, since it is what governs our country and people? Bobbie Anne Cox says it is vitally important and for good reasons. Ms. Cox knows how fragile we the people are when we do not know our rights in the way we are governed, especially today.

Ms. Cox is an attorney who put aside her own individual interests to fight for the good people of New York State. And won. She essentially stopped a piece of unconstitutional garbage that has no place in a free society governed by a constitution in a constitutional republic. The fact that the garbage idea came from the Governor of New York State is exactly why Ms. Cox says we need to teach the constitution and the rights given thereof in all schools to all children. The abuse of government overreach is natural in government, and it is the people’s responsibility to take control over the government when they do overstep their duty. The constitutional government is built for the people and is perverted when it reverses its mandate and tries to rule the people outside of its limitations. The limitations of government are there for the exact reason – for the people to be able to resist this natural aspect of government.

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