As the COVID-19 pandemic slowly recedes into the background, the severity of symptoms and outcomes lighten, and immunity against the virus strengthens—the red flag of emergency continues to fly.

On Jan. 11, 2022, the Biden administration extended the public health emergency declaration by yet another 90 days, pinning Americans under the COVID emergency declaration for nearly three years.

At the state level, ten continue to maintain orders of emergency mandates for COVID-19.

Many health experts are concerned about how the seemingly endless prolonging of living in a state of fear will affect the well-being of the population.

“You don’t want the population always thinking they’re in an emergency,” said infectious disease expert and former medical officer at the World Health Organization, Dr. David Bell.

Government Overreach

Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox said there have been numerous instances of government overreach “in the name of an [COVID-19] emergency.”

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