The highly secret, totally unconstitutional forced quarantine indefinite detention regulation promulgated by New York Governor Hochul and her appointed Department of Health Director has been struck down by the New York Supreme Court in a monumental ruling by Justice Ron Ploetz.

DrLee4America discusses this attempt at the totalitarian control of New York citizens and the legal warrior who singlehandedly fought back against this massive attempt to weaponize a public health response and deprive New York residents of their basic rights and due process.

Governor Hochul’s power grab has been barred from both enforcement and re-issuing the regulation. Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James have filed a notice of appeal. They appear to realize that to file the appeal before the key November 8 election would be political suicide since no appeal has yet been filed. If this new law disguised as a “regulation” were really of benefit to New Yorkers, they would have filed an appeal before the election.

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