New York attorney Bobbie Anne Cox updates us on the lawsuit she has brought along with citizens groups and legislators in New York State against the governor Kathy Hochul and Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett as well as the New York Department of Health for trying to establish as law a new regulation requiring forced quarantines and isolation of New Yorkers across all age groups when any suspicion of disease is aired, with no need for proof or evidence of disease whatsoever.

Draconian and arbitrary, liable to kick in even without an announced emergency, this law seeks to funnel jurisdiction over all in a blatant power grab reckless of sovereignty and the US Constitution.

Supported by the attorney-general’s office and seeking to push through totalitarianism at high speed, this bodes ill for other states as well, notes Bobbie Anne, who asks all watching to share this video widely and help raise awareness of this pernicious regulation which would fully remove New Yorkers’ basic medical rights and freedoms as well as their right to privacy in their own homes.

This attempt to divest people of power over their own lives and homes must be stopped.


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