Informative conversation with New York attorney Bobbie Anne Cox who sued the Governor and Dept of Health for issue of an unconstitutional regulation imposing arbitrary quarantines and house-grabs on anyone the DOH deemed exposed to a virus, a lawsuit she and the citizen groups who filed it with her won as a New York Supreme Court judge Ronald Platz deemed the mandate illegal and unConstitutional.

Gov Kathy Hochul and Attorney-General Letitia James have appealed the ruling however, in a move shocking to all and indicative it appears merely of a grasping thrust for supreme power over the people. Bobbie Anne explains how the regulation is arbitrary and capricious, requiring no proof of illness, no investigational medical enquiry, simply a random determination by Public Helath officials that people have been “exposed” and therefore need to be kidnapped out of their homes and quarantined in an isolation camp–much as China and Australia have now modeled for the world.

The way to rebut tyranny is to expose and publicize it, agrees Bobbie Anne, as well as voting people out who espouse it. This fall will see the Governor and Attorney-General primaries, she notes, and now is the time to vote out these two ladies who seem to be rolling out a Communist agenda of subjugation on New Yorkers. Mandates and lockdowns have already led to a massive exodus from New York as Americans keen to preserve their freedoms look to move to states which will honor their birthright freedoms and not impose unlawful edicts on them.


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