The proposed bill is A9963. It is being proposed by NYS Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (Democrat – District 75 – Manhattan) and co-sponsored by five other NYS Assembly Members:

  1. AMY PAULIN (Democrat) in District 88 (in Westchester County – Scarsdale/Eastchester area)
  2. JO ANNE SIMON (Democrat) in District 52 (in Brooklyn)
  3. MARITZA DAVILA (Democrat) in District 53 (in Brooklyn)
  4. KARINES REYES (Democrat) in District 87 (in the Bronx)
  5. EDWARD GIBBS (Democrat) in District 68 (in Manhattan)

The bad news is that their proposed law would extinguish parental rights over your children’s medical, mental, dental health care.

The good news is that YOU CAN VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE on Tuesday November 8th!

Yes, that’s right, every single New York State Assembly Member and every single New York State Senator is up for election. So is Governor Kathy Hochul (being challenged by Lee Zeldin). So is Attorney General Letitia James (being challenged by Michael Henry). New Yorkers have the amazing opportunity to wipe the slate clean, and put into office people who honor the Constitution, protect our civil rights, and promote basic human rights.

I’ve written many times before about Governor Hochul and AG Letitia James’ blatant disregard for our rights and our Constitution. The fact that they plan to appeal my quarantine camp victory over them is proof positive, in and of itself. I’ve written in detail on this in prior articles which you can access HERE and HERE and HERE.

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