New York-based American attorney Bobbie Anne Cox challenged in court the quarantine camp regulation instituted by Governor Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James, and in a HUGE LEGAL VICTORY – she won. The little known regulation – which allowed the indefinite internment of citizens on mere suspicion of being ill regardless of age or actual infirmity – had been passed by the executive branch of the state government led by the unelected Governor Hochul, completely bypassing the legislature and without the knowledge of most of the populace of the state of New York, the United States of America, and the world.

This landmark legal victory in New York State should have far-reaching consequences throughout the U.S. and abroad as other states and even countries attempt to pass similar regulations and legislation in a pattern of extreme government overreach prevalent worldwide.

In this urgent and informative interview with Dr. Sam Dubé, Bobbie Anne Cox, Esq. describes the legal battle from the outset: its genesis, allies, obstacles by State government, and the incredible significance of the ruling against them. But the fight is far from over, as Democrat Governor Hochul is launching an appeal to regain the totalitarian powers temporarily lost!


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