It is clear to me that we have become a “Regulation Nation.” And we are governed by an “Administrative State.”

What do I mean by that? I mean that we are being governed by regulations issued by administrative agencies, instead of being governed by laws duly passed by our elected officials.

Why does that matter? Because agencies are run by unelected, government bureaucrats who are beholden to nobody but the person who appointed them. They don’t care what the voters think or want or don’t want. They don’t have to care. They don’t need your vote to stay in power. They only need to appease the politician who appointed them. If they just follow the yellow brick road, they will land on the other side of the rainbow.

Let me give you a few real-life scenarios.

For starters, my quarantine camp lawsuit is a perfect example. What happened there is that the NYS Department of Health (DOH) issued an “Isolation & Quarantine Procedures” regulation. The head of the DOH is Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett. She is appointed by the Governor. Everyone that works for the DOH is unelected. They do not need to listen to voter wants/needs. Quite presumably, if the Commissioner or any of the government workers below her don’t do the bidding of their “boss,” then their days at the DOH would surely be limited.

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