Sept. 17 is the day that we reserve for honoring our Constitution. The day was codified in 1917 when many people rightly feared that the country was losing its appreciation for its merits.

Did you celebrate the day? I’m afraid that many people didn’t. This surely isn’t something that’s taught in schools today. Just like civics classes have long been absent from our nation’s schools, education about our Constitution is also sorely lacking. Yet, it should be the paramount thing that we are teaching our youth. Why? Because the freedom protected by the Constitution is the key to a free and happy life.

I will explain.

We need to step back in time to about 250 years ago, which was a much simpler time in many ways. There were no cars, no paved roads, no computers, no internet, and certainly no cellphones—in fact, there were no telephones at all. Communication mainly happened by people meeting face-to-face and talking to one another.

Some people say that our Founding Fathers predicted it all … that they knew the government would one day spin out of control and become dictatorial. I say, it wasn’t a prediction, but a result of infliction.

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