Commentary by Jeffrey Tucker

The Rochester, New York, appeals courtroom scene last week was absolutely riveting. The state was appealing the lower court’s decision against Governor Kathy Hochul’s quarantine camp law. The law granted power to the state to seal anyone in an apartment or take them to a camp without evidence of infection or exposure, without due process, and with no termination date. In other words, the law was totalitarian.

Governments like this never like to have any power taken away, so they appealed the decision. The plaintiff in the case is a New York legislator who was never allowed to vote against the law. The winning attorney is Brownstone Fellow Bobbie Anne Cox. At the hearing, she gave a fiery denunciation of the state and a defense of human rights.

The striking part was the courtroom itself. The judges in black robes sat and listened, stone-faced and aloof, asking only a few questions during argument. Every seat in the courtroom was filled. The people who came to support the right side spilled out into the hall and vestibule and, finally, out into the streets.

As the arguments ended, Bobbie Anne rose to leave and the audience erupted into wild applause. This grew as she entered the hallway. In the streets, she was cheered by 400 or more supporters as the media took interviews from the plaintiff.

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