I hope you know you are being hoodwinked!

Hoodwinked. Gaslit. Conned. Deceived. Pick your verb. Doesn’t matter which one you choose. They all get us to the same place. Which is…. that this is a total con-job by Governor Hochul. Yet another desperate attempt to get New Yorkers to vote for her, and all the other Dems, on November 8th. I say “another” because earlier this summer she sent property owners a “property tax relief” check. It was sooooo coincidentally mailed out to voters, I mean property owners, in June (just in time for the primary elections). That little stunt cost the tax payers $2.2 billion (not million) in tax dollars as allocated in this year’s budget which was shamefully adopted in April.

Of course, the arrival of tax credits or refund checks during an election is not new here in New York. In 2018, Governor Andrew Cuomo sent rebate checks just ahead of a primary election he was facing against opponent Cynthia Nixon. It is truly such a stunning coincidence how the checks arrive just before voters, I mean property owners, are preparing to drive to the polls for a gubernatorial election.  Isn’t that so odd how that always seems to work out like that?

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