And it will destroy our country if we let it!

We are in an information war. I think that is obvious. The mainstream media is no longer a reliable source of information. They only tell one side of the story. It’s not only pathetic, it’s dangerous. He who controls the narrative, controls the people.

I grew up during the Cold War, near its end, and as a competitive figure skater (a sport in which the Soviets dominated for decades), I had a number of friends from the Soviet Union. I can remember the stories their parents and grandparents would tell us about living in the USSR before they were able to “defect” and escape to the USA. It seemed truly unbelievable to hear them talk about food shortages, bread lines, eating the same stale food for days in a row, sleeping in their coats because it was freezing outside and their apartment buildings didn’t have heat that worked. It wasn’t because they were so poor. It was because it was all government controlled. They explained how the radio only had a couple of stations, and those were government controlled, so all day and night, all they really heard was propaganda. The Soviet people didn’t know they were being fed lies. How could they? There was no “dissent” allowed to be spoken. There was only ever one side. And so, they believed it.

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