Step up New Yorkers, and help us #TakeBackNY

So it’s likely that almost everyone reading this article knows me as the attorney who recently defeated Governor Hochul’s quarantine camp regulation. For those of you who don’t, this post will be particularly enlightening. In the wake of my monumental defeat of Governor Hochul’s illegal forced quarantine reg, I’ve been consumed with media appearances. This is not because the mainstream media is seeking me out – no, not at all. In fact, the opposite is true… they won’t even cover this story when we reach out to them and ask them to! Instead, the legacy alphabet media is purposely ignoring this epic story, and only “alternative media” is covering it.

You really need to ask yourself, “why is that?!” Think about it for a minute, why on earth would the legacy media ignore such a sensational story such as this one? An unbelievable story about a tyrannical governor and her Department of Health who made a regulation giving themselves the power to lock up any New Yorkers they want, for no reason whatsoever, without any proof you were actually sick (or even exposed to a communicable disease), for however long they want, at a location that they choose, where they can control your every move, and with no way for you to get out?!

Read the full article at ‘Substack: It’s Time To End The Tyranny!’.


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