Quick! Someone call the government to save us.

Calling all fellow New Yorkers! Did you know that we are experiencing not one, but TWO, state disasters?! And they are both total emergencies! That’s right. Our power hungry, despotic, fear mongering, demagogue of a governor, Kathy Hochul, has declared us to be in another state of emergency… and the prior one hasn’t even ended yet.

Can you guess what they are about? I bet you can. Well, I take that back. Most people probably cannot guess, because emergencies are, well, emergencies. Apparently, Kathy Hochul doesn’t actually know what an emergency is. Or she’s just so power crazed that she cannot help but continue to declare New York in a state of emergency since she took office last August! That’s correct. Pretty much every 30 days since she rose from Lt. Governor to Governor almost one year ago, she has declared us in a state of emergency.

Read the full article at ‘Substack: New York Is In TWO State Disaster Emergencies!’.


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