Shamefully, Governor Hochul is trying to overturn the ruling!

The title of this post pretty much says it all.

  • Governor makes an unconstitutional and authoritarian regulation that would allow her to illegally lock people up at a whim.
  • We sue.
  • We win.
  • She’s appealing.
  • “WHY is she appealing?” you might be asking yourself.
  • Because Governor Kathy Hochul WANTS quarantine camps!

Here is the article that I wrote for American Thinker about my recent victory over New York’s tyrannical governor, and this horrific, dystopian “quarantine camp” regulation that she so illegally pushed through her Department of Health.

Be sure to read it through to the end, and check out my inspirational quote of the day down at the bottom of this post. After all, knowledge is power!

Read the full article at ‘Substack: We WON! Court Strikes Down “Quarantine Camp” Regulation’.


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